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During my career as designer I have designed several different types of logos,
here is a small selection of
my collection.

Corporate Identity
Each company has its own style. Designing work clothes, the front of the building and the advertisement on a company car belongs here.

Flyers & Brochures
Single-sided, double-sided or folded. This question and many more are answered during the designing process.

They can be about anything and this makes it a challenge when designing one. Every subject requires its own style.

Are used often, you come across them both inside and outside. For advertisement or as decoration.

Product & Packaging
In my career as designer I have had experience with
the design of products and their packaging.

In these times that focus so much on the digital side of things almost every company is required to have a website.

Other media outlets
I have made several designs that do not fall under any of the above categories. These can be found here.

copyright Marit Besseling